The Moscow City Duma approved the budget, in which it reserved more than 100 billion rubles for this. Petersburg will spend several billions on the restoration of Mariupol. The question of why Moscow's reserve fund has more than doubled was asked by Elena Zyabbarova, the Minister of Finance of the city. He clarified whether it is true that the money will go to the Ukrainian regions, and whether the budget of the reserve fund has more than doubled for this purpose. In the new version, the fund grew from 100 billion to 200 billion rubles.

 The minister replied that all regions are helping to restore the LPR and DPR, and two capitals - Luhansk and Donetsk - are assigned to Moscow. And she confirmed that funds for this are provided in the reserve fund, and "as many funds as needed" will go from it. According to Governor Beglov's amendment, the reserve fund of St. Petersburg will be increased by 20.7 billion rubles, in total it will amount to 48 billion rubles, Borys Vyshnevskyi, the head of the Yabloko faction in the parliament, told MO. In "Ensuring Lawfulness, Law and Order and Safety" there is a subsidy for the "Pobeda" fund (which is financed from the reserve fund). It is through the "Pobeda" fund, as Smolny reported, that finances the restoration of Mariupol.

"The reserve fund is a piece of the budget that is not controlled in any way. At the same time, yesterday, during the second reading, it was announced that the initially pledged money had already been spent," Vyshnevsky said. At the expense of the reserve funds of the regions, they also purchase ammunition for the mobilized - "Verstka" determined the scale of these purchases, that in some regions and republics the original plan for enlisting men has already exceeded three times. As we wrote, according to economists' calculations, at least 600-750 billion dollars will be needed to restore the war-torn territories of Donbass. The restoration of Mariupol alone will cost more than $14 billion.

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