The calls began even before the entry into force of the FSB order prohibiting reporting on the morale of the troops.

Special service officers demand to appear "for an interview" of the military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet. This was told by the wife of an officer who took part in the storming of Mariupol, and recently returned from a special operation, having received a week of vacation. “Yesterday I received such a message and I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what this could be connected with, my husband began his service back in 2008 in the Crimea, ”said the channel’s interlocutor, providing a screenshot of the message from the FSB.

She said that after the rotation to the combat zone, the man had a conversation with psychologists, who, in particular, found out his attitude to the war. “My husband is straightforward and whimsical and expressed his position that the Kadyrovites and other “elite” units live in hotels, and ordinary soldiers in barracks, in appalling conditions, without provision or food. When the units left Davydov Ford, some soldiers were simply left. From the storming of Azovstal, he still has a place of rest, where many of his comrades from the 810th brigade died, ”the woman said.

In a family of three children, the brother of the “MO” interlocutor died in the war in Ukraine. So far, the man has not gone for interrogation.

Users say that military personnel who oppose the special operation are called in for interrogations. “What the hell is going on? Vladimir Vladimirovich thanked our guys from the Black Sea Fleet yesterday for ensuring the safety of ships carrying grain. What if the FSB began to press them, ”the son of a military man is indignant.

On December 1, an expanded and updated order of the FSB came into force, prohibiting citizens from reporting any information about military operations. Among other things, it is forbidden to report on the "moral and psychological climate in the troops." Individuals sharing this information may be considered "foreign agents"

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