According to preliminary information, a resident of the village of Rozhdestvenskaya contracted the disease from cattle. After that, quarantine was introduced on the territory of the settlement.

The sick woman was immediately taken to the infectious diseases department of the local hospital, and a special commission arrived in the village. Its members went around the farmsteads where cattle are kept and disinfected. The regional department of Rospotrebnadzor also joined the investigation.

Today, June 23, it became known that quarantine due to anthrax was extended to several more settlements. Among them are the village of Ryzdvyany in the Izobilnensky District, as well as the Nizhnerussky farm and the village of Novomaryevskaya in the Shpakovsky District. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov - the document was published on the portal of legal information in the region.

LLC "YUG-ST" in the village of Rozhdestvenskaya was declared an epizootic focus. Due to quarantine, outsiders can no longer visit the livestock point. In addition, the export of products from it, the preparation of fodder, as well as the entry and exit of vehicles is prohibited.

The village of Rozhdestvenskaya and the territory within a radius of two kilometers from it were recognized as a disadvantaged point. Fairs, exhibitions and auctions associated with the accumulation of animals susceptible to the disease are prohibited in this zone. Hunting and slaughter of livestock also fell under the restrictions.

The village of Ryzdvyany, the farmstead Nizhnerussky and the village of Novomaryevskaya were declared a threatened zone. Here it is forbidden to import and export animals not vaccinated against anthrax and to hold fairs.

Earlier, Larisa Tkachenko, Chief Freelance Specialist in Infectious Diseases of the Regional Ministry of Health, commented on the situation with an anthrax case in the region. She noted that the disease is practically not transmitted from person to person.

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