- In every working trip to the region, at every meeting with people, the problems of education are among the first. Especially in the areas along the Dnieper," Andriy Alekseenko shared in his TG channel. - In many areas, schools both closed with the start of covid quarantine three years ago and have not begun to work normally until now. And this applies not only to the 15th, but even to the 30-kilometer zone. Although a very significant part of the region's population lives here.

According to Andriy Alekseenko, now in the Kherson region there are many problems related to education.

- Just the transfer of schoolchildren to distance learning, as life has shown, not only does not solve problems, solves problems, but also creates new ones. In many places, communication does not work well, it is difficult for someone to understand the requirements of educational portals. And the difference in training programs, knowledge gaps - all these are problems for children and parents, - said the former mayor of Krasnodar.

- There is only one way out. Consistently open schools and begin full-time, high-quality education. Where possible and safe. We started with an audit of educational institutions - where there is a demand, there are teachers and really put everything in order in a short time.

In addition, I want to note a problem that can really be a source of future big problems. Its essence lies in the fact that, according to our data, more than 75% of schoolchildren study simultaneously both in Russian schools and in distance Ukrainian schools. This indicates the lack of control of education in the controlled territory. We are working on these issues together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the FSB. I hope for positive results by the beginning of the new school year.


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