Shoigu's announced reforms mean putting the country on a war footing for many years to come.

- By announcing the reforms, Moscow actually admitted that the command made critical mistakes during the war. The revival of the Leningrad Military District may be the result of the failure of the command of the Western Military District. It was these troops who left their positions in the Kharkov region and guarded Izyum.
- The reform of Shoigu is the abolition of many of Serdyukov's innovations. However, as the researchers of the Institute for the Study of War point out, such large-scale changes need to be prepared in advance, and it is completely unrealistic to carry them out against the backdrop of active hostilities.
- If the Russian army increases to 1.5 million, it will become the second in the world - after China (two million people). Moscow plans to run around the US and India. As a result, the proportion of the population under arms in Russia will be many times greater than in other large countries.
- Where to get contract soldiers (their number is planned to be increased from 400 thousand to almost 700 thousand) is unclear. Most likely, the basis of the new statistics will be volunteers and mobilized signatories against the backdrop of a presidential decree on mobilization. According to the decree, these contracts cannot be terminated until it is cancelled. The government is not going to do this.

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