Those who try to escape or surrender to the UAF are shot and declared missing in order not to pay compensation to their relatives.

Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the Gulagu.Net project, told what awaits the prisoners who agreed to fight in Ukraine in the Vozdukh program. According to him, only 15-20% of prisoners survive the six-month "business trip" to the front. In the process, most of the survivors are severely injured.

“The secret services do not want them and Prigozhin to let them go, they are well aware that these people are dangerous and can do something already inside Russia. They are trying to shove them back into the hell of war so that they stay there, ”said Osechkin.

Those who try to escape from the battlefield or surrender are shot. “His army opens fire on them from artillery. There are cases when a whole section of prisoners, 7-8 people each, tries to surrender - and they are covered with powerful shells from the back, they are torn to shreds, ”says the human rights activist.

He told how they deal with the dead: “We interviewed a number of Wagnerites who fled from the battlefield, they tell terrible things about mass graves, they just dump people in one place and bury them so as not to pay compensation.”

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