The innovation announced by the State Duma will not be limited to truck drivers - later it will be extended to all motorists, journalist and auto expert Sergey Aslanyan said on air Khodorkovsky live. This is a lasso around the neck of everyone under the guise of care. There is no concern, this is accounting and control, ”the expert insists.

“The document says that the electronic queue does not limit you in any way, except when all the seats are taken. The electronic portal that always manages not you will be able to show that there is no departure for the next 5 weeks, ”says the journalist.

Aslanyan believes that the authorities need a system for registering the departure of cars for a successful mobilization. “There is an increase in the difficulties that a person has to get into. The algorithm will be tested on drivers, then it will be extended to those who fly by plane, ride a train, ride a bicycle ... They will also receive their own services that will put the border crossing in order, ”the host of the program suggests.

“Pregnant women over the age of 80 with underage children in their arms will be able to obtain an exit permit. The rest, without benefits, will go to war, ”the journalist ironizes.

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