The Ivanovo administration instructed to tell about the location and put up signs indicating the nearest bomb shelters and shelters for the population.

This was done following the results of the January 16 meeting of the government of the Ivanovo region, I learned. The document, which the editors have read, says that all work on the installation of signs and informing should be completed before the end of February. Residents of Ivanovo will also be told how to behave when they receive a civil defense signal “Attention everyone!”.

Recommendations have been added to the document on how to equip recessed rooms and basements in apartment buildings. Among other storage facilities, it is necessary to install additional taps for technical and drinking water, organize ventilation and sewerage, install lighting and heating devices, put benches and garbage containers. Such a room should be designed for people to stay in it for 12 hours.

Pointers to storage facilities began to appear in other Russian cities as well. For example, they appeared in Nizhny Tagil, Voronezh, Rostov and Volgograd. However, the presence of signs does not mean that you can get into the shelter. Local residents complain that the signs may lead to closed entrances or locked basements occupying offices.

Back in the fall, the Russian authorities did not, on principle, tell people where the bomb shelters and shelters were located. And when asked about their presence and condition, they said that this was classified information.

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