“A meeting of high school students came to our school in the Patriot Park in order to conduct basic military training. Without explanation, the class teacher just dropped the paper into the chat and that’s it.

"From March 12, 2023 (Sunday) to March 17, 2023 (Friday), a 5-day training meeting with 10th grade boys will be held at the Avangard Educational and Methodological Center, located in Patriot Park. it is necessary for the parents to sign consents to the training camp, to clarify the size of clothes according to the table (give out uniforms). We get to the training camp in an organized manner by bus, accompanied by school representatives. 00-16:00".

To say that everyone is in shock (censored) is to say nothing.
Smartphones are prohibited.
Some mothers have already written off, whether they will go on sick leave or write absence for family reasons.

Militarization instead of quality education and conditions for the creative development of high school students is what war brings to those who until recently could not even think about it.

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