Having listed the overcrowded polygons of the region, the head of the department for some reason forgot about the most problematic of them - in the village of Poltava.
Svetlana Radionova called the Krasnodar Territory one of the most polluted regions of the Russian Federation.

The head of Rosprirodnadzor, Svetlana Radionova, gave the publication a long interview about the garbage problem in the country as a whole and, in particular, the problem regions, one of which she called the Kuban.
- Our constant pain point is the Kuban. This is due to many reasons, in particular, the tourist flow, which is not taken into account in the territorial scheme. We all pay for garbage at home, but when we come to rest, we do not pay for utility bills. And, accordingly, the volume of generated waste is not taken into account in the general territorial scheme, - said the head of the monitoring department.
According to her, Rosprirodnadzor knows that a very difficult situation has developed in the Belorechensky district, Temryuk and Novorossiysk, where overcrowded landfills are located. However, in some strange way, the head of the department did not include one of the main landfills, Poltava, in the problematic list.
Probably, the owners of this landfill have a lobby at the very top, since the problems discovered during the inspection by the prosecutor's office and Rosprirodnadzor are preferred to be noticed even at such a high level.
Earlier, the situation with the Poltava landfill was taken under personal control by Gennady Zyuganov. The meeting of the leader of the Communist Party and eco-activist Natalya Garyaeva was held in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. A resident of the Kuban handed over to Gennady Zyuganov a collective appeal from local residents who oppose the functioning of the landfill.
In the appeal, local residents said that the situation with the Poltava landfill reveals deep problems associated with the failure of the waste reform in the Kuban. After years of a lingering garbage crisis, the governor of the Kuban is deliberately covering up an environmental disaster. And the Minister of Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing and Communal Services of the Krasnodar Territory, during a conversation about the environmental catastrophe in the Kuban, openly stated: "There is nowhere to take the pestilence ...".

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