In Kuban, the search continues for Kirill Chubko, 37 years old, and Tatyana Mostyko, 19 years old. They are being looked for in the Vyselkovsky district, it was there in the village of Memory of Lenin that Kirill made his way through the billing system for the last time. 
Daria Chubko, the wife of Kirill, the owner of the holiday agency, together with volunteers and law enforcement officers today, May 1, are combing the forest belt in the Vyselkovsky district.

The SochiStream correspondent called Daria on May 1 at about 11 a.m., she answered out of breath: “We can’t waste a minute, anyone who can join us in the search!”

The missing could have been stunned, so there is a possibility that this is the reason why they do not get in touch.

A colossal amount of work has already been done, recordings from surveillance cameras have been reviewed, and tens of kilometers of terrain have been covered. Unfortunately, there are no results yet. But this is not a reason for despair. Judging by Daria's fighting spirit, she is determined and is not going to give up. As long as there is hope, she will continue the search, we hope it will end with a joyful “Found, alive!”

Let us remind you that Kirill and Tatyana disappeared last Friday evening, April 28, when they were returning from their birthday party. As Daria told our publication, they “came, performed and left.” Having punctured a tire on the M-4 DON federal highway near the Kuban village of Berezanskaya, Vyselkovsky district, we made a forced stop. Two guys approached them and volunteered to help. Daria considers them the main suspects in the disappearance of the animators. Under the post for the publication about the missing in the public “LizaAlert” on the social network “VKontakte”, residents said that two guys also approached them in the same place and also tried to start a conversation. 

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