The Russian Defense Ministry reported that on Friday, the Russian military destroyed and intercepted 36 Ukrainian drones over the territory of the annexed Crimea. Another drone was shot down over the territory of the Kuban. The department did not report any damage or casualties.

Residents of the city reported an explosion, while information about destruction and casualties was not received.

  • On the afternoon of January 4, in the annexed Crimea, according to local residents and telegram channels, several explosions occurred in different areas. The Russian authorities said that the air defense system was working.
  • The Russian-appointed governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, wrote that "the military is working to destroy a large number of different air targets." According to Razvozhaev, the "shrapnel" hit a residential building, one person was injured. He also wrote about other "shrapnel from air targets" that fell in a number of areas of the city.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said that 10 missiles launched by the Ukrainian military were shot down over the Crimean peninsula.

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