On Friday, the sun will not be visible in the Kuban, the sky will be covered with clouds. Inclement weather will be complemented by rain, at night and in the morning it will be joined by sleet. Heavy rain will fall in places, rain and snow can be observed in the foothills and mountains. A kind of cherry on the cake will be a thunderstorm and a strong wind, its gusts will reach 25 m/s.

On the Black Sea coast, forecasters of the Krasnodar Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring predict similar gusts.

The air temperature at night in places in the eastern half of the region will drop to -2 degrees, during the day the thermometer will show up to 12 degrees, on the Azov coast up to 10 degrees with a plus sign. In the mountains, at night, as before, it is chilly -4 degrees, in the daytime hours 1... 6. On the Black Sea coast at night hours 6... 11, afternoon 9... 14 degrees Celsius.

In Krasnodar on January 4 it will also be cloudy, at night and in the morning there will be high humidity due to rain. It will continue during the day. Wind gusts will reach 18 m/s. At night in the Kuban capital 5... 7 degrees, 10 in the afternoon... 12 heat.

Meteorologists are "wanging" showers in Krasnodar on Thursday and Friday, the air temperature will be 11-13 degrees, at night 6-10. On Saturday, it will be partly cloudy and the sun will shine with might and main. On Sunday, it is overcast again and there is no hint of sunshine. At the same time, the air will warm up to +15 degrees. On Monday +12 and rain. But Krasnodar residents will go to work on January 9 with snow and plus 9 degrees.

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